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The US Dollar Is Still Strong

Friday, August 5, 2022

Four Places to Visit Now

What does this mean for you? Basically, if you like to travel and choose a destination wisely, you get more bang for your buck. Below are four places to consider visiting now…

  1. Argentina - Click here to see the US Dollar/Argentina Peso chart. Of course, Argentina is struggling with massive inflation but the dollar spending power is there. For example, the cost of a large ribeye steak dinner is about $30 at La Brigada! La Brigada is an upscale steakhouse in the San Telmo region of Buenos Aires. The restaurant is rated at $$$ - $$$$! Also, of note, the food is amazing!

  1. South Africa - Click here to see the US Dollar/South African Rand chart. This might be a great time to visit the famous Kruger National Park or Pilanesburg National Park!

  1. Turkey - Click here to see the US Dollar/Turkish Lira chart. It is a great time to visit the cites of Istanbul, Izmir,  Alanya and Antalya as well as the beautiful Cappadocia Region. Turkey will not disappoint…

  1. Any country that uses the Euro! Okay, this is not one place, it is 19! That is the number of countries that use the Euro as currency! And, that list includes popular destinations such as France, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy! Click here to see the US Dollar/Euro chart. The currencies are very close to par at this time which makes it a great time to visit Europe.

Happy traveling!