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7 Fun Facts About Montana

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Montana is a beautiful state. Did you know???

  1. Montana is the only state that is exactly one time zone wide. The state’s eastern border marks the line of Central Time and the western boundary marks Pacific Time. Montana is entirely within the Mountain Time Zone.
  2. California is the only state that has more hiking trails than Montana’s 15,000 miles of trails.
  3. The shoreline of Fort Peck Reservoir is equal in length to the California coastline. They are both about 1,500 miles long.
  4. The Lewis and Clark expedition stopped at Travelers Rest in Lolo, Montana. This is the only site that has physical proof of the presence of these explorers.
  5. Montana has one of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur fossils. The Museum of the Rockies alone has 13 T-Rex specimens.
  6. Only one gem from North America is included in the Crown Jewels of England. This is the Montana Yogo Sapphire.
  7. The bitterroot is the Montana state flower. It can live for over a year without water and can be revived even after being boiled, dried, or pressed. Its Latin name Lewisia rediviva reflects its tenacity with “Lewisia” being for Meriwether Lewis who cataloged it, and “rediviva” meaning “one who lives again.”

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